Orders and Pricing

To place an order, please email ElhannonNurseries@yahoo.com or visit the nursery office in person. Questions regarding material may be directed via the aforementioned email address or by calling the office at 518-686-5553. Pricing and availability of material are subject to change without notice. All orders accepted are subject to availability of stock on hand at the time of delivery. Prices are valid and based upon current market conditions. All orders are custom dug. Specimen, heavy or matched material may incur an additional 20% charge.


Trees tagged by re-wholesalers, landscapers or landscape architects are considered acceptable material by both the tagger and the company or client they represent. Tagging is only permitted after both a) placing an order and b) prior scheduling of the tagging trip, please call ahead and check in with office staff before heading out onto the property. Clients will have 7 days to cancel tagged orders providing it is prior to digging. no material can be tagged for more than a 6 month period.

Digging surcharge

A surcharge of 20% will be added to the cost of material that is dug during the summer. Summer digging is done at the client's risk. Some species cannt be summer dug. we reserve the right to refuse to dig if we feel weather conditions would be detrimental to the health of the plant. additionally, material exceeding 8" caliper cannot be machine dug, therefore incurring a 20% hand dig fee. Please inquire further upon ordering.

Delivery Service

Delivery service is available for a fee that is dependent on the current market rate of diesel fuel at the time of order. Clients receiving deliveries are responsible for the labor and equipment to unload the material. in the event of deliveries beyond the roadside curb line, Elhannon Wholesale Nursery, Inc. assumes no liability for any damage to sidewalks, driveways or any other property.

Delays in Pick-up or Shipping

Material that has been dug out, through no fault of Elhannon Wholesale Nursery, Inc., is not picked up or shipped within 7 days of the original scheduled date, is subject to a maintenance fee. if material is not picked up or shipped within 14 days of the original scheduled date, Elhannon Wholesale Nursery, Inc.  reserves the right to return the material to our inventory for general sale. shipment of orders is subject to cancellation or delay, due to causes reasonable beyond our control, such as ( but not limited to ) governmental regulations, law and orders, droughts, inclement weather, labor disputes, floods, fire and frost.


Elhannon Wholesale Nursery Inc., exercises great care in labeling all material true to size and name. There is no warranty expressed or implied as to the merchantability or fitness for any particular use of our nursery stock.