For the past 45 years, Elhannon Wholesale Nursery, Inc. has set the industry standard for excellence in beautiful, expertly grown trees, ensuring every client enjoys the highest quality plants.

We are a cold-hardy nursery in USDA Plant Zone 4, conveniently located at the tri state corner of Vermont, Massachusetts and New York. Our precisely pruned and fertilized evergreen, shade and ornamental trees and shrubs grow on over 850 acres of the Hoosic River Valley's Teel and Hamlin soils.

Some of our most revered projects include the World Trade Center 9/11 memorial park in NYC, Adams Academy Park in Quincy, Mass, and the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

World Trade Center Memorial Park

New York, NY

Swamp White Oak Trees at the World Trade Center Memorial Park.


Adams Academy Park

Quincy, MA

Swamp White Oak Trees at the Adams Academy Park planted in the summer of 2018.


Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn, NY

Swamp White Oak Trees at the Brooklyn Bridge Park.



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